Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pastel Polka Dot French Nails

Hi all! I know it's not Manicure Monday >_<;;; But my school just opened again, and my scheduling is a bit different this quarter. So I think I might have to change to Tuesday as my start of the week!

Anyways lets get down to the goodies!

This weekend I picked up some cute new polishes from Wet n Wild Megalast Collection: Candy-licious/Rose bonbon (209C) and I Need a Refresh-Mint (218A) and had some fun!

 They were just such sweet colors IMO I had to go back to doing something girly again :3 
I was kinda digging my Mod nail phase, but alas it has temporarily come to an end. If you can consider 2 manis a Phase either way >_>;;;  

But really, who can say no to some sugary colors and dots right? Throw in some glitter and Bam you're set! Feminine and frilly to the max. I just wish I had some deco bows to attach! Would be perfect Sweet Lolita Nails in a flash! 

I had actually seen a similar Mani in a Japanese Nail Mag at one point, and always thought I wanted to duplicate it. Of course theirs was much more fancy with sculpted lace and bows. *g* Maybe one day I can get deco nails. Like for my wedding! XD 

These French Nails are actually pretty simple to do. I just paint about half way down my finger tips and go back in with an acetone soaked Q Tip to create the clean curve. I then used some glitter clear coat and a toothpick to line the edges. 

Lacquer List
Wet n Wild - Candy-licious/Rose bonbon 
Wet n Wild - I need a Refresh-Mint
Nicole by OPI - Scandal Secrets & Sparkle  

I love their new bottle and brush designs! Makes this line of lacquer look way more classy than the $1.99 price tag :P They even did the fancy side embossing of the glass, like on Essie bottles! :P You can kinda see it between my finger tips.

I know this one wasn't too fancy, but I hope you all enjoyed! While those more edgey nails usually took me less time, I think I definitely enjoy the look of Fruff more <3 

Thanks for Reading! 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Saharan Color-Block Manicure

Hi all! Hope you didn't think I wouldn't make it! Cuz here I am with my Manicure for the week! ^_^ 

Even though I had a busy weekend, and an even busier week so far
 I'm glad I was able to come up with something to share with you all <3
So here is my take on the Trendy Colorblock! 

This was kind of a fluke actually. Originally I had plan to do some fancy dots, bows and bling over this three layer cake, but once I had it done I fell in love!!! 

The simplicity of it all was really appealing to me, which is unusual since my taste is known to be a little over the top. But this color combo, of the pale pearlescent pink, deep dark raspberry, and almost neon coral color was too perfect to mar with extra distractions.

I think these colors worked so well with this minimal mani. It just oozes sophistication with a hint of playfulness in the pop of coral. 

So simple to boot! I just painted on the light pink and let it dry. Then I went back over the top half with the corally color. Once that was completely dry, I used tape to section off the middle portion and laid in my darker band. 

Lacquer List: 
Chanel  Le Vernis - Le Perle 
China Glaze - Evening Seduction 
Essie - Tart Deco 

I know, most people can probably do this without tape guides. But I'm just so anal it would bother me to no end >_>;;; Also I think, the crisp lines add to that Mod Look. 

So I hope you all enjoyed this look. Lately I've been going more simplistic over fruffy. I wonder how long that trend will last. ^^; 

What about you all? Do you prefer simple and clean or deco galore 
when it comes to your finger tips? 
I'd love to know! 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Dad's Birthday

Happy Monday everyone! 
I just wanted to let you all know I didn't have time to do a manicure this weekend. 
So it is a No Post Monday.

So, sorry for the delay but please check back again later this week!
I'll try to get up a new look for you guys Wed/Thurs. ^_^

Instead I spent it celebrating my Dad's Birthday! :D

Isn't this a great shot XD 

 Thanks for following though. Gives me much happiness! I'm almost to 25 followers! 
I know it seems like a small amount, but I'm really flattered you guys would wanna 
read and see my stuff. 



Thursday, April 12, 2012

Studded Chevron Half Moon Mani

Hi all! Banged out my second look for you this week.

 What started as horrible art block ended up being quiet  stylish in my opinion. I always love when this happens! Makes the struggle all the more worth it! :D

I have been doing some pretty cutesy, fruffy feeling stuff lately so I wanted to do something more Modern. So here is my take on a more edgy, half moon mani. I pulled this off with some simple scotch tape and a tube of bullion beads I had laying around.

I spent so long trying to come up with an elaborate design, but sometimes simple really is best. Although, I couldn't control my ostentatious ways complete. I just had to throw in those gold beads as little stud accents! 

I used some new lacquers I picked up from Ulta for this look. The deep purple is Essies' - No More Film. And the teal cream is M.A.C's - Ocean Dip. 

No More Film is a gorgeous purple color, even though it's erring a bit darker in the photos. In real life its a great violet color, specially in the sun!

Ocean Dip is also a nice teal; a great fit for summer! The color is not as saturated as most teals I've been seeing lately, but the muted nature of this polish really makes the Purple in No More Film come out. 

I took a thicker top coat this time and then went in with a toothpick to apply the beads as studs. Once they were firmly place and pressed in, I went back with another topper just to be safe. 

On my Third day of wear I still have most of my studs! Which was pretty impressive, since I was sure I would've lost more by now. But once a few more fall off I think I might just cheat and dot some gold polish back in with a toothpick. Its like the poor man effect! 

Hope ya'll enjoyed! 


Monday, April 9, 2012

Strawberry & Flowers Spring Mani

Happy Manicure Monday!
I hope you all had a fun filled Easter weekend. Even if you aren't celebrating for religious reasons, I'm sure there were lots of chocolate and candies to be had by all. :3 

In light of the lovely weather we have been having lately, 
I wanted to do a fun and fresh Spring look.

And what else says Spring more then some sweet, succulent Strawberreis!?    
Somehow...everything in my life is often associated with foods >_>;;;

So here is my take on the Strawberry Mani.

I know Strawberry Mani is not anything new or groundbreaking, so to jazz it up a bit I decided to throw in some of their cute, little white flowers into the mix. I did the flower with a dotting tool, and then added in some vines with a toothpick to finish off the look. 

I also made a quick little Photo Step - by - Step on how I did my Strawberries.

Lately, I'm really into using shipping labels as my nail art guides. I find them easier to cut into when you are various shapes (like the scalloped edge here) and I love that it isn't sticky until you peel off the back. 

I always have issues with the tape strips sticking everywhere but my nail. So the shipping label was a nice solution. Also I find these labels to be stickier than the normal hole punch protectors.

I cut this edge with some craft scissors, but I'm thinking you might be able to get some interesting shapes with a die cut punch! Can't wait to try! :P 

Here are my nails after Strawberry-ing them all up! I had originally done both hands as the fruit only, but decided that it wasn't exciting enough ^^; 

Lacquer List
Sephora by OPI - Personal Shopper as the red base
China Glaze - Entourage as leaves, vines, and flower centers 
Sephora by OPI - A-ha! Moment as flowers 

Pretty simple, but I think its nice and fresh for spring!. 

So I hope you guys enjoy this look! I think I might try a whole fruit series soon. Just trying to make a list of what other fruits would be Nail-able. If you have any suggestions lemme know in the comments too! 


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Bunny Spring Nails & Tutorial

Hiyo! I'm really proud of the manicure I have for you all today! 
I know I've only been posting swatches lately and I started to guilty that I hadn't done any nail art.
But since we are having a little Easter Egg Hunt at work this weekend, I figure I might as well get into the spirit of things and go all out! :D 

So I present to you a fun and fresh Spring inspired Easter Bunny Manicure set! 

I had a lot of fun coming up with this look. And was trying to go for an egg inspired decoration theme. Throw in some bunny rabbits, paw prints and then voila! Done! 

Here is a close up of my two favorite nails! Out of all the rabbits I did, this little guy is by far my favorite. I think it was all the practice on my right hand :P  Also if you guys are interested, I did an easy Bunny Rabbit Nail Art Tutorial here for you so that you can have this cutie too!

I also really loved how these flowers turned out. This is my second time trying out this style. You can check out my first Floral Attempt here at my St. Patty's Day Nails.

Finally the last two nails, For my ring finger I went with a fun Easter Egg Design with Stripes and Dots. And then I added some diagonals with a toothpick to pull it all together. 

My Lacquer List for this Look

Base coat from Left to Right: 
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails - No hard Feelings
Sally Hansen InstaDri - Blue-Away
Sally Hansen InstaDri - Pink Blink

Accent Colors: 
Pa. Dark Pink Sparkle AA20 for the Floral Centers
Sephora by OPI - Never Enough Shoes for Eyes 
Sephora by OPI - A-ha! Moment for the Flowers, Rabbits, Stripes & Dots  
Pa. Light Pink Sparkle A116 for the Bunny Cheeks 

Also, I threw together a cute little Picture Step - by - Step tutorial for you on how to do the Bunny! 
It was really easy and turned out way cuter than I expected. I just used my dotting tool for the most part with varying pressure. 

Well I hope you all enjoy this look! Anyone else getting Festive Fingers for this weekend? I'd love to see too! I'm more into painting Nails than Eggs it seems :P 

Thanks for Dropping by and pleas share if you try out the Bunny! 

Monday, April 2, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix - Pull Me Close

Happy Manicure Monday to you all out there! 
Today I have a somewhat long awaited polish post, at least on my part, to share with you. 
It is China Glaze's Magnetix Polish in their silvery blue - Pull Me Close.

I remember being super excited when Nail Inc. announced their first Magnetic Polish last year! I managed to get a hold of their purple and have swatches here of  "Houses of Parliament". So when I found out China Glaze was also creating a similar polish set up, but with three types of magnetic patterns, I was ecstatic!

Also, I feel China Glaze was really smart about selling their magnet separately. Instead of including the magnet on the cap like Nail Inc. CG sells the three patterns on one magnetic plate by itself for $10. And then the polishes themselves cost an additional $10 a piece. Way my cost effective IMO. 

Aside from packaging though, I don't feel like any one formula was better than the other. Both Nail Inc. and China Glaze magnetic lacquers were very quick and easy to apply and lasted a good week once top coated.

Also, the red plate that these patterns are embedded in is really well designed, with the handy raised lip to help you align your nail just like Nail Inc.       


You get three different patterns, a Starburst, Chevron, and Diagonal Stripes on the plastic plate. And while I thought the Stripes produced a really crisp design I was somewhat disappointed with the other two. 

I noticed that when you first pull the magnet away from your nail the pattern it produces in the lacquer is very crisp. However, once you wait for it to dry a bit the lacquer spreads out and the design becomes blurry.  This is especially pronounced in the Starburst pattern. And while the images I have chosen below  are probably the best "before and after", many of my star nails ended up drying as blobs instead of stars. 

Before                                                    After

The Chevron pattern was also somewhat of a let down to me as it did not produce a clean angle as I expected. Instead you get a kind of wavy bump in the middle. I suppose this might be due to the the close proximity of the two converging lines that create the shape, but I am no magnet expert. :P 

So even though I was so excited about getting 3 patterns I only thought the stripes looked good enough to wear together. When I tried mixing and matching the others it just ended up looking too hodge podge. So I stuck with clean and simple. 

I suppose there might be some blurring with the stripes as well, but I think it is less noticeable because of the simplicity of the pattern. And in retrospect it was probably the same way with the Nail Inc. wavy pattern. I just didn't take time to notice in my Science Nails Excitement.

Have any of your got your hands on the Magnetic Nail Polishes? And if so what did you think of them? Either way I find them fun to play with and it really does create a unique and fun airbrush look you'd be hard press to get any other way.