Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Fridays - Minnie Mouse Nails

Before starting this blog I would frequently just post my NOTD onto my facebook page but, now that I have a neat-o little place to show them all off I came up with Flashback Friday!

These will be manicures I've done in the past that I thought deserved a second chance to shine. So please excuse crappy image quality or lack of images in general. >_<;;;;

Debuting at Pursuit of Polish for the first time my Minnie Mouse Nails Manicure!

This is the manicure that started it all and so I deem it fitting as my first Flashback Friday post.

Before this I usually just slapped on two coats of color and was out the door. Maybe if I was feeling a little fancy I might take the time to do a french tip but, I had never delved into the wonderful world of nail art beyond that.

But then I saw this!

Tsu-chan's nails!!! I know the image is hard to see but I have more examples at the bottom :)

It was love at first sight! C'mon you can't deny that they are super darn cute!!! <3 The polka dots, the heart and the FRIGGEN BOW!!! (I LOVE BOWS *faint*)

And since I had some extra time on my hands (aka procrastinating) I thought I might as well give it a try. I had recently been gifted some nail art pens and thought, “Heck, it'll be a great chance to test 'em out!”

Little did I know that I would be opening a can of worms, soaked in nail polish fumes. x_x With my untrained, clumsy hands I managed to dot and heart my lefty (pictured above) to a somewhat satisfactory result.

But the right hand....Oh the horror! It was a slow torturous cycle of dot, hate, rinse, and repeat. I think I spent a good two hours alone on my right hand and I hadn't even addressed the best part yet, the bows!

Which unfortunately never did get done. T_T

By the time I bullied my sister into doing the heart for my right hand I was too cross eyed with acetone fumes to even walk straight. DX

So, as you can see, my little cop out above was to slap a black crystal on to get it over with. Of course, a day later, said black crystal fell off anyways and I ended up french tipping my ring fingers in black instead (which looked infinitely better than the crystal but, sadly I don't have any pictures of it :< ).

So even though my attempt is sad looking and miserable that doesn't mean you shall be robbed of great recreations of this manicure.

Here are some gals who totally nailed this look (Oh I'm so punny!!) XD.

Right down to those darn bows!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Silver and Black Konad Lace

Back again with a sassy silver NOTD look for you! This time I had a some fun with my Konad stamps (which I am LOVING to death!!!)

These nails make me feel like elegant, victorian glam and I am totally digging the sharp contrast between the silver and black.

I did a Silver base coat in Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Celebrity and stamped Konad plates in Sally Hansen Insta Dri – Night Flight. Picked up both of these colors from Ulta for $2.59 and $4.95 respectively and am really happy with them.

This silver is a totally fun attention whore color. You really cannot wear this color without expecting people to notice your polish; its like covering your tips in aluminum foil! :P

And the best part is that it dries super fast! Which is a big plus in my book since when I Konad I find it least painful to use a quick dry polish as your base and an opaque color for your stamping lacquer.

You want the quick dry because the odds are (if you are anal like me) that the first time never turns out right. So you will be wiping your nail to get a clean slate to try, try again quite often. And really, who wants to waste time waiting for your polish to dry when the main course of this event is the stamping!?

The opaque color for stamping is a tip I picked up from prowling the interwebs. It seems that the most popular vote for compatible polishes, aside from the ones that Konad makes, are the following:

-Sally Hansen Insta Dri

- China Glaze metallics

- Polishes that pass the One Coat test (meaning the color is opaque enough and good to go in one coat)

I used Konad plate M69 for my thumb, M57 for my index, middle, and pinky, and stamped M60 on my ring finger.

Finished the whole look off with OPI clear top coat and I was ready to party!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Sinful Colors - Mint Apple

Just as I promised here is the Sailor Neptune color from my previous post!

Nail Polish: Sinful Colors – Mint Apple

Hue: Green

For all the lovely lacquers that I own I must admit that I kind of have an aversion to green or orange nails. >_>;;;; Its like how most people would never dream of wearing red eyeshadow, unless trying to imitate a geisha. I just find most shades of green or orange on my tips to be distracting and kinda funky looking...

But then I realized its all about shade! *hohohooo* So Mint Apple is what I would call a seafoam green. *cough* So I might be cheating a little as seafoam does imply a mix of blue in there....but it goes from a marine bluish tint to a nice sage green depending on the lighting.

Overall I love this nail polish. Its good to go in two coats and the color is wonderful, mostly because it reminds me of magical girls transforming *g*

I nabbed this one from Target for 1.99 and I've seen this for sale at Rite Aid as well for the same price.

Finished up the look with some Konad stamps (my new nailsession <3) in Sally Hansen Insta Dry – Whirlwind White.

So next step is to find an orange I can love too :P

Monday, September 19, 2011

Magical Girl Interlude!

Neptune Power Make Up!!!
Sinful Color Professional - Mint Apple
The color totally reminds me of Sailor Neptune! ^_^ More pictures and review here!

Of course no magical girl would be complete with out a trusty companion!
So co-staring the magical girl, calico kitty Star!

Shes actually my BF's cat. I sneakily let her nap on his bed while he was away >3 Hohoho ~ Kitty Fuzz Attack leaves deadly White kitty hair everywhere!!!

Finally no super heroine is complete without an evil nemesis!

Chipping Nail Polish! :<

No worries folks. This is not my nail which has been removed during a gruesome interrogation session. It is actually 6 coats worth of Nicole...Spotted, which I had so persistently applied while trying to color match the bottle in the previous post.

It just peeled right off two days later in the shower >_> So moral of the story is more polish does not equal longer wear. In fact it just makes you feel like some kind of gross, peeling swamp thing with your nails falling off T_T;;;

I actulally might try Mint Apple under Nicole....Spotted! I think the colors are close enough to get me the effect I wanted :D So hopefully I can share again with you soon! ^_^

Friday, September 16, 2011

Nicole by OPI – Nicole...Spotted!

So I have another glitter polish for you today! Lately sparkles on my fingertips has become an obsession and the only type of lacquer I've been buying. :P

Nail Polish: Nicole by OPI – Nicole...Spotted!
Hue: Blue/Green

So I love, love, love this color in the bottle! The transparent blue, green gel base filled with lots of glitter and some bigger hexagon holographics reminds me of Ariel's under the sea grotto sparking with treasure. And who doesn't love some hidden treasure when it comes in a duo pack for only $6.99 from T.J. Maxx. Woohoo! It came packaged with a silvery glitter polish from the same Gossip Girl collection: Scandal, Secrets & Sparkles (which I'll review later). But really what a steal :P

Comparison of 6 coats vs. 1 coat!

However, its a completely different story once it gets on your nail. With just one coat its a weak bluish tint that makes me think of nail fungus so I doubt I'll be wearing this color alone too often.

I had to layer on six coats to get this look and I think I could still go for more to match the color in the bottle. Since it is a gel base it dries pretty quickly but, it was still a pain doing so many layers.

Nevertheless its a beautiful color if you're willing to put in the time. I do want to try using a blue or white base coat first to see if it will help amp up the color and cut back on the layering.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Wet n Wild - Sparked

So put on your sunglasses because my first NOTD is all about the glitz and glam.

Nail Polish: Wet n Wild Wild Shine Series – Sparked

Hue: Pink

This champagne pink gives me all the pizazz I could ever want in just two coats! Is it worth the pain of removing glitter polish? Heck yes! Just look at that color! Reminds me of classy actresses before boob jobs and botox. Think Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe and Vivien Leigh all rolled into one. Its just pink enough to be cute with tons of sparkle for some sassy fierceness. *rawr*

Picked it up from Rite aid for 99 cents and its definitely a color I will wear time and time again.

After a week of work, which includes opening boxes, filing papers and playing with doggies, there was still no chips <3. Just two coats of Sparked with a clear top coat and I was ready to go. I love this lacquer because its easy to put on and long lasting while still providing enough visual interest (SPARKLIES!) without consuming a ton of time.

However, taking it off is a totally different story. I definitely recommend soaking your nails in some remover before even attempting to rub this glitter party off.


Monday, September 5, 2011

Hello World!

Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs henceforth to be known as In Pursuit of Polish! ^_^ I wanted this to be a place for me to share my nail antics, but will probably include other bits of my life as well.

My addiction to nail polish really kicked in about a year ago and since then no more than a week has gone by where my nails were left naked. Changing colors and thinking up new designs has become a part time chore and a full time obsession. Seriously folks, I dream about this stuff!!! >_>;;;

Since some of my nail sessions consists of at least four coats and up to five color changes until I am completely satisfied, I figure I might as well share the final product (filled with fumes, sweat and tears) with the world! :D

So please take a gander at my lacquered up lounge and enjoy!