Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Silver and Black Konad Lace

Back again with a sassy silver NOTD look for you! This time I had a some fun with my Konad stamps (which I am LOVING to death!!!)

These nails make me feel like elegant, victorian glam and I am totally digging the sharp contrast between the silver and black.

I did a Silver base coat in Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Celebrity and stamped Konad plates in Sally Hansen Insta Dri – Night Flight. Picked up both of these colors from Ulta for $2.59 and $4.95 respectively and am really happy with them.

This silver is a totally fun attention whore color. You really cannot wear this color without expecting people to notice your polish; its like covering your tips in aluminum foil! :P

And the best part is that it dries super fast! Which is a big plus in my book since when I Konad I find it least painful to use a quick dry polish as your base and an opaque color for your stamping lacquer.

You want the quick dry because the odds are (if you are anal like me) that the first time never turns out right. So you will be wiping your nail to get a clean slate to try, try again quite often. And really, who wants to waste time waiting for your polish to dry when the main course of this event is the stamping!?

The opaque color for stamping is a tip I picked up from prowling the interwebs. It seems that the most popular vote for compatible polishes, aside from the ones that Konad makes, are the following:

-Sally Hansen Insta Dri

- China Glaze metallics

- Polishes that pass the One Coat test (meaning the color is opaque enough and good to go in one coat)

I used Konad plate M69 for my thumb, M57 for my index, middle, and pinky, and stamped M60 on my ring finger.

Finished the whole look off with OPI clear top coat and I was ready to party!


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