Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Fridays - Minnie Mouse Nails

Before starting this blog I would frequently just post my NOTD onto my facebook page but, now that I have a neat-o little place to show them all off I came up with Flashback Friday!

These will be manicures I've done in the past that I thought deserved a second chance to shine. So please excuse crappy image quality or lack of images in general. >_<;;;;

Debuting at Pursuit of Polish for the first time my Minnie Mouse Nails Manicure!

This is the manicure that started it all and so I deem it fitting as my first Flashback Friday post.

Before this I usually just slapped on two coats of color and was out the door. Maybe if I was feeling a little fancy I might take the time to do a french tip but, I had never delved into the wonderful world of nail art beyond that.

But then I saw this!

Tsu-chan's nails!!! I know the image is hard to see but I have more examples at the bottom :)

It was love at first sight! C'mon you can't deny that they are super darn cute!!! <3 The polka dots, the heart and the FRIGGEN BOW!!! (I LOVE BOWS *faint*)

And since I had some extra time on my hands (aka procrastinating) I thought I might as well give it a try. I had recently been gifted some nail art pens and thought, “Heck, it'll be a great chance to test 'em out!”

Little did I know that I would be opening a can of worms, soaked in nail polish fumes. x_x With my untrained, clumsy hands I managed to dot and heart my lefty (pictured above) to a somewhat satisfactory result.

But the right hand....Oh the horror! It was a slow torturous cycle of dot, hate, rinse, and repeat. I think I spent a good two hours alone on my right hand and I hadn't even addressed the best part yet, the bows!

Which unfortunately never did get done. T_T

By the time I bullied my sister into doing the heart for my right hand I was too cross eyed with acetone fumes to even walk straight. DX

So, as you can see, my little cop out above was to slap a black crystal on to get it over with. Of course, a day later, said black crystal fell off anyways and I ended up french tipping my ring fingers in black instead (which looked infinitely better than the crystal but, sadly I don't have any pictures of it :< ).

So even though my attempt is sad looking and miserable that doesn't mean you shall be robbed of great recreations of this manicure.

Here are some gals who totally nailed this look (Oh I'm so punny!!) XD.

Right down to those darn bows!

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