Friday, March 30, 2012

China Glaze: Hunger Games - Fast Track

Happy Friday Everyone! 
It's my goal to try and edge in two post per week instead of my usual onsie on Monday. With that said, I am still trying to figure out which day will be best for that, so please bear with the strangely erratic schedule for now v_v;; 

Today I have another Hunger Games Lacquer for you from the China Glaze collection.
From District 6, I give to you Fast Track ~ 

I really fell in love with this color when I first saw it! Aside from Electrify, which just screamed Hunger Games, Fast Track was probably the first color to catch my eye as a polish. It's a lovely sandy nude, interspersed with sparkling, golden flecks.

I was kinda strapped for cash when this collection first debut, (otherwise I would have all of them!) hence my borrowing of Electrify. So I didn't actually buy this color that fateful night of our first meeting. Instead I ranted and raved about the collections awesomeness until my sister couldn't stand to listen to me anymore and she went out and bought it for me ^^;;; *spoiled* 

I really love the subtlety of this lacquer! Reminds me of  a sophisticated pair of nude pumps; very lady like! 

I ended up playing with my stamps and used plate m57 for the lattice print in Whirlwind White. One of my gals pointed out that it was almost snakelike! So I might actually try going for that look next time. Maybe use some sponging for lighter/darker areas and then a beige color to stamp the "scales" ~ 

What do you all think? Love the beige, nudes, and taupes lately? Or prefer something brighter with a bit more pop? 


Monday, March 26, 2012

Revlon - Whimsical Polish Get!

Hi all! I may be a little late to the party but I finally got my hands on Whimsical!!! :P Ever since I first started seeing it pop up on other Lacquer Lover Blogs I knew I just had to have it. 

With that said I really didn't do it justice by finding the right undercoat >_<;;; I guess I was so excited about finding it that it totally slipped my mind to pick up a suitable color too. So please don't be too horrified, but here is my version of Whimsical :D 

I quickly realized that this was a problem after the first four coats of Whimsical on my bare nail was not doing the color in the bottle justice. So I rummaged around my polish collection and came up empty handed T_T I finally settled to using Sally Hansen - Blue Away. I know, not perfect, but better than nothing.

I'm now convinced I need to buy a more gray toned blue just so I can wear this polish right. :P Just another excuse to buy moarz!!! >D

I really love how this lacquer layers. Since it is so translucent you can see the glitters that came before it which gives great depth to the look.

My other favorite thing about Whimsical is that the glitters aren't overpowering in number, but there are still enough to get decent coverage. I hate it when polishes are too sparse with their dazzle and then you spend half an hour trying to dig out one speck!

While I am no polish professional  I suspect that this is due to the less heavy formula that allows for such easy access to the sparkles. Since, instead of being suspended in a thick clear polish Whimsical seems to be more "runny". Well either well I'm loving it and glad to finally get to see what all the fuss is about.

Final verdict: Definitely Worth the wait! :P 


P.S. Stay tuned~ I'm thinking of doing some fun frenching on this look. I was just too excited that I finally got it on my nail to wait and share :P 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cracked Lava - Girl on Fire Rehash

Hi all ~ ! I have a fun little re-hash for you today. ^_^

I was so in love with my Girl on Fire nails, but just couldn't leave them alone. So I grabbed a bottle of China Glaze - Black Mesh and went to town. The results are as follows:

A fun transformation, no? It's like Girl in Lava nails instead now...well that sounds kinda of macabre but the result is really cool IMO. ^_^

Also I am pretty happy with how well this polish cracked. I usually get a pretty good shatter effect with the black crackles, but the other colors tend to give me a hard time. However, after trying this out I think that the texture of the glitter from Electrify underneath really helped break up the polish resulting in consistent shattering.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this litter interlude! And I can't wait til tonight! *g* ~ Fufufufuuuu !


Monday, March 19, 2012

Hunger Games - Girl on Fire Polish

Hi all!!! I finally made it back to a Manicure Monday post! *Phew* 
It's been a tough week but I was adamant that this polish post had to go out the beginning of this week to celebrate the opening of Hunger Games on Thursday!!!! 

So I present to you, what me and my fellow Nail Lacquer Affectionados have dubbed
"Girl on Fire"


A little confused? That's okay because this is actually China Glaze's - Electrify from their Hunger Games collection layered over a reddish-raspberry OPI base color. (Sorry forgot the name T_T Nail Polish Blogger fail) 

As soon as my friend saw this color she immediately thought of it being the Girl on Fire! And with all that red and gold sparkle who could blame her? So once she showed it to me and called it that the name sorta stuck :P  

I tried to get a close up so you could see the gold glitter interspersed with red sparkles.  Its a fairly dense glitter polish which was a pleasant surprise and meant that I got really good glam coverage with just one coat.

All the other colors from this collection are gorgeous too but if I had to pick as the most "Hunger Games - ish" It definitely has to be this one so I'm glad its the one my gal decided to pick up in the end. ^_^ And even more glad she was kind enough to share and let me use it too!

So Hope you enjoyed. And is anyone else out there going to the Midnight Premier? :P I'm already debating whether I should deck myself out in some Capitol Garb or something for an added bit of fun while waiting line :P


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clovers and Stripes St. Patty's Day Nails

Hello lovelies!!! 
I have a quick little manicure for you today. I know I usually post Mondays but, ever since my doggie emergency my Nail schedule has been thrown off. >_< So I hope you'll bear with my as I work my way back on track!!! 


I saw Pauline's flower nails over at omgnoodles and fell in love with the blossoms! (And her too! Her nail art is too awesome for words! This lady is crazy talent <3 ) SoI though I might give it a try but wanted to do them as shamrocks instead....unfortunately it was kinda fail T_T 

They still look like flowers to me...I should've added stems or something but I'm pretty sure that is beyond my skill level. 

The base is Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Mint Sorbet. I am in LOVE with this lovely pastel shade of green and just had to have it when I saw it at the store. :3 I had been looking for a fresh minty color for quiet a while but I find that many of them are either too green or too blue for my taste. However, this polish definitely found the happy medium and brought my minty hunt to a happy conclusion. 

 I used my dotting tool and some scotch tape to make the "clovers," dots and stripes with OPI for Sephora in A-ha! Moment. Then finished up with some top coat loving. 

Looking closely at it now I wish I had just made them flowers instead :P Then I could've covered up the middles with some cute crystal or polish.

Lots of people thing they are more Easter-y and I can totally see why. They really do look like Easter Eggs especially with the pastel color, dots and stripes. >_>;;; So I guess I already have a plan for that week's nails! 

Hope you all enjoy and have a deliciously filled St. Patricks day ^___^ Honestly isn't this Holiday mostly about the good food and drinking? Whats not to enjoy!? 


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Zoya Jules + Konad Argyle Tips

Hi all! Thank you for patiently waiting for my next post >_<; Luckily everything is working out just fine with my doggie and she is going to get the drain taken out today! Yippie! 

So even though things have been kinda hectic I managed to squeeze in some ManiMe time and here are my nails for this week ~ 

I recently snagged this golden Zoya nail polish Ulta for half off! *love deals* After trying my first Zoya lacquer in Kelly gray, which I posted about here, I was dying to get my hands on another! And sure enough it did not disappoint ^_^

This golden-silver polish is aptly named Jules thanks to the multicolored micro-glitter suspended in the semi-opaque base. And before you jump on me about how can things be "golden silver" think of Antique Pewter teapots. In direct sunlight, above, it is an elegant gold with hints of cool silver but in the shade, below, it takes on a steely quality with a warm undertone.

It really is the epitome of a mixed metals look which makes it a versatile neutral without being boring beige. I especially love the different colors that get caught in the tiny glitter which run the spectrum from greens, yellows, oranges and reds. It is like they took a handful of jewels, ground them up into dust and poured it in. <3 

Unfortunately, my camera and lighting just aren't doing Jules justice but at least you can get a closer look at the Konad m60 plate design I used to stamp the tips. Once again I used my previous taping trick to get clean lines for my french tips. I rubbed on some Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Night  Flight and voila! 

Simple, Fast, and Elegant! 

Thank you so much for reading! And please lemme know if you have any questions :D 


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Doggie Emergency

Hi all! Just wanted to say sorry no post this Monday. My doggie, Ginger, is an escape artist and ripped her back leg open while trying to jump a fence T_T We had to take her to the Vet so she could get all stitched back up. Luckily it was just the skin and no muscle and she goes back later this week to remove the drain and stitches. 

Really it ended up being more scarry looking than serious but we just about had heart attacks when we came home and found her lying in front of our gate. 

So if time allows I hope you can all look forward to a nail post later this week. 

Once again sorry for the delay! 

Hope everyone else has a wonderful week!