Friday, March 30, 2012

China Glaze: Hunger Games - Fast Track

Happy Friday Everyone! 
It's my goal to try and edge in two post per week instead of my usual onsie on Monday. With that said, I am still trying to figure out which day will be best for that, so please bear with the strangely erratic schedule for now v_v;; 

Today I have another Hunger Games Lacquer for you from the China Glaze collection.
From District 6, I give to you Fast Track ~ 

I really fell in love with this color when I first saw it! Aside from Electrify, which just screamed Hunger Games, Fast Track was probably the first color to catch my eye as a polish. It's a lovely sandy nude, interspersed with sparkling, golden flecks.

I was kinda strapped for cash when this collection first debut, (otherwise I would have all of them!) hence my borrowing of Electrify. So I didn't actually buy this color that fateful night of our first meeting. Instead I ranted and raved about the collections awesomeness until my sister couldn't stand to listen to me anymore and she went out and bought it for me ^^;;; *spoiled* 

I really love the subtlety of this lacquer! Reminds me of  a sophisticated pair of nude pumps; very lady like! 

I ended up playing with my stamps and used plate m57 for the lattice print in Whirlwind White. One of my gals pointed out that it was almost snakelike! So I might actually try going for that look next time. Maybe use some sponging for lighter/darker areas and then a beige color to stamp the "scales" ~ 

What do you all think? Love the beige, nudes, and taupes lately? Or prefer something brighter with a bit more pop? 



  1. this color is so pretty! i don't own any china Glaze but you just made me wanna go out and buy this!

    1. Yes! I Love China Glaze. They have really great metallics in their collection and with a good top coat it is pretty chip proof! :D