Thursday, March 22, 2012

Cracked Lava - Girl on Fire Rehash

Hi all ~ ! I have a fun little re-hash for you today. ^_^

I was so in love with my Girl on Fire nails, but just couldn't leave them alone. So I grabbed a bottle of China Glaze - Black Mesh and went to town. The results are as follows:

A fun transformation, no? It's like Girl in Lava nails instead now...well that sounds kinda of macabre but the result is really cool IMO. ^_^

Also I am pretty happy with how well this polish cracked. I usually get a pretty good shatter effect with the black crackles, but the other colors tend to give me a hard time. However, after trying this out I think that the texture of the glitter from Electrify underneath really helped break up the polish resulting in consistent shattering.

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this litter interlude! And I can't wait til tonight! *g* ~ Fufufufuuuu !



  1. Ooooh! I like this look alot! It has so much depth with the hint of red and gold under the black! I wish I was brave enough to wear polis like this ;.;

    1. Lol Its okay we can train you! Ill paint your nails while you're sleeping at night!

  2. Also! You should do more looks like this - start with one mani and transform it into something else to make it last 2x as long!