Monday, February 27, 2012

Mod Plum & Green Two Tone Manicure Tutorial

Hi lovelies, I'm back again for another Manicure Monday look!
This time I tried to do something a little different and put together a picture tutorial for you all. 
(If impatient click here for Picture Tutorial)

But first here is the completed look I'll be sporting this week on my nails. I wanted to do something colorful and fun for the lovely weather we have been having in the Golden state.  

The color palette for this look actually comes from some bowls we are selling at work :P I thought it was such a fresh combo of lime and plum that I couldn't resist trying it out on my tips. So see! Work is not a complete drain of creative energy, sometimes it can be an inspiration as well!

Luckily enough I went home and dug through my polish box and came up with these two beauties.

The Nail Polishes:

I received the FACE polish as a gift, but never got a chance to try it out. The color is a sensuous medium tone violet called, Plum Forgotten. I had never heard of their polishes before and was pleasantly surprised with how smooth and saturated this lacquer is. Interestingly enough it also dries slightly matte, but you can't tell here because I top coated over the final look.

The lime green on the left is China Glaze in Entourage. This is a very saturated yellow-green, bordering on chartreuse with fun micro glitter. I've actually had this polish for quite a while, but it is just so overpoweringly electric when worn by itself I never gave it much thought. So when I stumbled upon it again I realized what great potential it had as an accent color! And thus this look was born! :3

So without further ado here is my little step by step. 
Lemme know if you guys have any questions!


Step 0: Paint your nails and let completely dry! Sorry forgot to take a picture of that but ya'll know the drill. I did alternating colors of Plum Forgotten and Entourage.

Step 1: To make a clean curve between the two colors I hole punched circles out of envelope labels. I wanted to use those paper hole protector thingys...what are they called even!? The reinforcement stickers that kind of look like donuts....

Anyways, the point is that I didn't have any, probably because I don't even know what they are called =_= So I improvised!

You can really use anything that will stick to your nail and has a curve to it. I even had a friend once who cut masking tape to match the arc she wanted...but that's super dedication I don't have v_v;

Step 2: Stick your guide (tape, label, hole protector...) onto your nail! Be sure to center the curve or else you will get crooked a crooked arc. Make sure the edge where you will be paint over is securely pressed down so you don't get any leaks.

Then go to town and Paint 'em up!

Step 3: Quickly but carefully remove your guide. I suggest taking it off right after you lay down your lacquer. You don't want to leave your guide on for too long, or else any leaks that did manage to seep under will get a chance to dry.

***more taping off tips at my Pink Petite Four Tape Tutorial***

Step 4: Get out a dotting tool (toothpick, bobby pin, whatever floats your boat) and go dot away! Here I used OPI for Sephora – You don't know Jacques and A-Ha! Moment.

Ta dah! Now you're done and ready to rock this playful retro, manicure!
Sorry ended up being more wordy that I had anticipated. So to make it up for your candy starved eyes some more pretty pictures:P

Are you guys sick of seeing my garden foliage yet?
I will try to come up with more interesting props next time!

Thank you for reading! And please leave me any questions, comments, criticism, will all be much appreciated!!!



  1. Replies
    1. :D Thank you!!! ~ Always want to think of new looks to try out and share!

  2. Very cute manicure. Just looking great for spring/ summer time.

    1. Yay! That is exactly what I was going for! Some fun, poppy colors for spring! Thanks so much!

  3. I always wondered how you got that nice arch...and now the beans have been spilled! >:)

    1. Hahhaha! Actually this is only the second time I've tried it this way. :P The first was with the Zoya Half Moon mani from last week. But since it seemed to work out pretty well I thought I would share!

      Hope it helps and loved to see what you come up with too!

  4. omg!!! i really like this one!!! i'll have to try it out the next time I do my nails!! THANKS FOR THE IDEA!! =D