Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Vertical Stripes Zoya Manicure

Hallo! Its Tuesday again, and for now looks like I'm back to once a week Manis.
Things have been a little busier than I expected, but I'm trying to get back to twice a week Posts again. So please be patient. 

On the brighter side I have a new look for you this week!
Inspired by my new Zoya Polish in Skylar Blue! 


How do you like it? The blue is such a great medium color that I wanted to pop it with some gold. I choose China Glaze - Passion as my accent color and love the Egyptian Look that resulted. 

I did actually tape off for the stripes on this look >_>;; I know, I'm just that anal. And in the end the stripes aren't the same width at all! But at least they have clean edges :3 

I really do love this new taping thing, I mean once discovered I'd say it changed my nail polish design life! So many more options, without taking as much time. Although, I suppose if I practiced enough with a steady hand I could be even faster with a striping brush. 

Sorry, I know this look is a little sloppy, I didn't have quiet enough time to let it dry before going to sleep, thus the small nicks and scratches in it. Also I realized that Skylar is kind of a textured coat, which resulted little bumps in my gold stripes :< Whoops! 

Well hope you all enjoyed! Thank you for reading! 



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    1. All I'm sorry I hit the wrong button! I was trying to get reply....but :< THANK YOU for your continual kindness >_<;;;