Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Purple Sparkles Monotone Manicure

Hi all! It's that time of the week again - and I'm here with a new look for ya! 
I recently picked up two new polishes from RiteAid this weekend and here are my results.

They are actually pretty much the same hue, but one is a straight up shimmer while the other polish is infused with violet glitter. At first, I was torn as which to get, since essentially they were the same color, but for some reason I just couldn't resist having them both. ^^; Besides at about a dollar a pop it wasn't too hard to say yes.


Since, they were so close in color I decided I wanted to do a monotone look. Originally I was just going to do something simple like an accent nail. But when I tried that out, I just felt it was too booring! 

So I thought why not get a little more adventurous! And thus I ended up with this look. Dotting, Taping, Striping and Chevrons everywhere! :P

My Lacquer List:
Wet n Wild Megalast - Disturbia 217B (Pretty Shimmer)
Wet n Wild Wild Shine - Night Prowl (Violet Glitter)

As you can see its pretty much the same color, but with different accents. And really, unless you're in the sunlight you won't be able to see all these subtle designs on my nails ^^;

I think I took the most photos for this look so far, because it was so hard getting the light to hit at the right angle! ^^; But there you have it. A sleek monotone look, without too much flair unless you pay attention to  the details.

Also I'm really digging the new wet n wild packaging. I know I mentioned in the previous Pastel Polka Dots French Nail Post, that they had new bottles. But their wide tipped brush makes applying this stuff a snap! And I'm all for easy :P

Well hope you all enjoyed. :D And please stay tuned for more manicures <3
Thank you!



  1. This look is so sophisticated! I wanna try it with *gasps* BLUE! Also, this purple color makes me hungry. I don't know why...

  2. Was revisiting your awesome blog and remembering that I liked this mani alot. But... why is it tagged "disturbia"?

    1. Oh wait - just realized that was a polish color - hehe. *watatty brain*