Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pastel Polka Dot French Nails

Hi all! I know it's not Manicure Monday >_<;;; But my school just opened again, and my scheduling is a bit different this quarter. So I think I might have to change to Tuesday as my start of the week!

Anyways lets get down to the goodies!

This weekend I picked up some cute new polishes from Wet n Wild Megalast Collection: Candy-licious/Rose bonbon (209C) and I Need a Refresh-Mint (218A) and had some fun!

 They were just such sweet colors IMO I had to go back to doing something girly again :3 
I was kinda digging my Mod nail phase, but alas it has temporarily come to an end. If you can consider 2 manis a Phase either way >_>;;;  

But really, who can say no to some sugary colors and dots right? Throw in some glitter and Bam you're set! Feminine and frilly to the max. I just wish I had some deco bows to attach! Would be perfect Sweet Lolita Nails in a flash! 

I had actually seen a similar Mani in a Japanese Nail Mag at one point, and always thought I wanted to duplicate it. Of course theirs was much more fancy with sculpted lace and bows. *g* Maybe one day I can get deco nails. Like for my wedding! XD 

These French Nails are actually pretty simple to do. I just paint about half way down my finger tips and go back in with an acetone soaked Q Tip to create the clean curve. I then used some glitter clear coat and a toothpick to line the edges. 

Lacquer List
Wet n Wild - Candy-licious/Rose bonbon 
Wet n Wild - I need a Refresh-Mint
Nicole by OPI - Scandal Secrets & Sparkle  

I love their new bottle and brush designs! Makes this line of lacquer look way more classy than the $1.99 price tag :P They even did the fancy side embossing of the glass, like on Essie bottles! :P You can kinda see it between my finger tips.

I know this one wasn't too fancy, but I hope you all enjoyed! While those more edgey nails usually took me less time, I think I definitely enjoy the look of Fruff more <3 

Thanks for Reading! 


  1. Wow this is pretty! I love the overall look :-)

    1. Aw thanks so much! ^_^ I think the colors a tad bit Eastery now that I look at it though :P

  2. omg totally a springtime theme! :) I love the bright and happy colors. <3 they are so perfect~