Monday, January 30, 2012

Pink Leopard Mani on the Prowl

Hi All! I have a very cute manicure today brought to you by my bestie! 

It's just too cute! XD

I've featured some of her lovely nails before here, when I posted about her adorable Panda Nails.

She's just so talented when it comes to doing her nails, and really my nail addiction probably began because of her.

And to top it off she did this all free hand! Isn't that amazing? If only I could be as steady-handed as she :<

Anyways, I think this would be a super cute look for everyday or maybe even Valentines, which is just around the corner! :P It's like adding some fierce to your sugar for that special someone ^_~

If anyone wants to know what polishes she used lemme know and I'll find out :D

Thanks for reading! <3 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Gold Foil French Mani

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

It's the year of the Dragon, according to the lunar calendar, and I thought what better way to ring in the luck than with some gold on my tips!

Okay its not actually gold foil, but large hex-shaped gold glitter I layered on :P But really, that doesn't sound anywhere near as decadent right?

And to get in the true spirit of things, I had to throw in some red for luck. >_>;;That may or may not be a Christmas ornament from a tree that might still be up....

But enough of my rambling, I'm sure you're all curious to know what polish I lacquered up with to obtain this ostentatious look.

And if you're thinking that it looks familiar then you'd be correct! It's Milani Jewel FX in Gold ~ which I've previous used on: Glitter PartyPedicure & Sail Away with Panda Nails

My favorite aspect of this polish is definitely the sparkle! And I don't mean delicate, frosty glitter, I mean all out big, bling in your face facets. Just lookit the reflections being cast on nearby nails, Emergency! Someone please alert the Dazzle Police!

I think of all the nails I've posted here this manicure was definitely the most attention grabbing so far. I had many admirers comment on my nails, (even at work!) probably because of all that shiny glitter dazzling out your eyes!

So hope you all have a delicious, food filled Lunar New year! :3 (best part in my opinion) With lots of luck in store for the year of the Dragon!

- wanyachu

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Bling & Art Deco Lilac Black Manicure

Hi again! I'm back and with a special manicure for you all this week!
I'm calling this one Blinging Deco Black Yeah! as a play on Bring Deco Back in celebration of my new Blog look. :D *play overrated popsong in BG*
I liked the strong lilac & black contrast and thought it was very reminiscent of the art deco period. Also, since I lucked out and had time off the job I decided to add some crystals, knowing there was a reduced risk of them falling out :3
Sweet and simple, with a touch of glamor.
I did two coats of Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in No Hard Feelings as my base. Then tipped out with classic frenchies in Sally Hansen Insta-Dri – Night flight. Next I adhered some small white crystals with my clear coat, and finished up with another layer of top coat~
I actually adore adding crystals & small plastic pearls to my nails, but usually they just get in way too much >_< So this was a nice little treat for myself!
Hope you all enjoyed this look and my new background too! :D
- wanyachu

Friday, January 13, 2012

Glitter Party Pedicure

Hi all ~ Happy Freaky Friday! And to commemorate this date I have something a little different for you guys. Its a Pedicure! :D

I'm actually very lazy about doing my toes so this is like a once in a blue moon special.

I mixed two coats of Wet n' Wild – Sparked with one swipe of Milani Jewel FX – Gold and got this gorgeous result :3

Is it just me or do feet & toes look kinda weird? I once had a friend who could not look at people's bare feet, so if you are reading this...I'm Sorry! Look AWAY! :P

Its funny, for how obsessed I am about changing my manicures every week, I'm the total opposite for my toes.

I usually only paint them when I'm going to a special event/party and will be wearing peep-toe heels. So unfortunately these babies will stay this way until they have practically all chipped off >_>;;;

Anyone else lazy like me? Or are you equally fastidious about mani's and pedi's? :P

Finally here’s a little artistic bonus! While I was trying to photograph the nail polish bottles I got this uber close up of the nail lacquer bottles. Looks like city lights ~

- wanyachu

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nail Inc. - Donmar New Year Nails

Hi all ~ I finally got my hands on this Nail Inc. lacquer set – The Donmar Collection.
My sister actually gave this to me for Christmas and I decided to do my New Year Manicure with it!

So here is what I was sporting on my tips a week ago to ring in 2012 :P

Isn't it super PRETTY! *g* I'm so in love with the irregular cut, holographic sparkles in the top coat. They glimmer an orange/green depending on the light <3 just like an opal!!!

Here is the super spiffy packaging. So drool worthy right? Also, I think they captured the range of color that the sparkles give off better than any picture I took so I wanted to share.

The base coat, Chelsea, is described as a “plum black” but I think its more of a dark maroon even though you can't really tell from the pictures. Not that it makes a huge difference since the star of this set is really the Donmar top lacquer.

My favorite part about this look is that the glitter is a separate top coat instead of being mixed in with the color polish. This means un-ending holographic glitter possibilities >:3 fufufuu ~

I laid down two coats of Nail Inc.'s Chelsea, and then stamped with China Glaze – Magical, a muted pinkish gold metallic. I finished it off with the Donmar top coat and voila! Its like a party on my fingertips :P

I used a couple different Konad plates for this look. I started out with the bows and hearts from m59 on my thumbs, index, and ring fingers. Then I used the central design from m38 for my middle finger. Last but not least I finished up with some stars from m3 on my pinky nails. :D

Cheers with my champagne ~

Thanks for reading! And I hope you all are having a wonderful start to the new year!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bows & Dots French Mani

Happy New Years!!!

Sorry for the hiatus everyone but hope you all had a Happy Holiday season!

Anyways, I figured since its a new year better get my butt back in gear and start this blog up again! Now that holiday madness is over I'm ready to return to my regular blogging schedule :3 And hope ya'll will continue enjoying lacquered luxury with me.
So without further ado, I present to you my Bows & Dots French manicure!
These were the nails I had for my birthday, so I thought the bows would be fitting ^_^ Of course due to my polka dot obsession had to add some of those in too.
I started out with two coats of Essie's coral pink in Tart Deco.
I spent ages looking for the perfect summer coral color and trust me folks this is definitely it.
I then did french tips in this soft, baby pink color by Sally Hansen, Insta-Dri – Pink Blink. Followed up with the adorable bow tip on Konad stamp plate m56 in Insta-Dri – Night Flight. And to top it all off I added white dots in Sephora by O.P.I – A-ha! Moment.
Overall, I'm super happy with how these turned out. Kinda reminds me of wrapping paper and presents.
And maybe it was like a good luck token, because I definitely got many great gifts for both my birthday and Christmas!!! *Hohoho*
So thanks for being patient with me and cheers to a New Year filled with many more cute nails for us all!!!
- wanyachu