Friday, January 13, 2012

Glitter Party Pedicure

Hi all ~ Happy Freaky Friday! And to commemorate this date I have something a little different for you guys. Its a Pedicure! :D

I'm actually very lazy about doing my toes so this is like a once in a blue moon special.

I mixed two coats of Wet n' Wild – Sparked with one swipe of Milani Jewel FX – Gold and got this gorgeous result :3

Is it just me or do feet & toes look kinda weird? I once had a friend who could not look at people's bare feet, so if you are reading this...I'm Sorry! Look AWAY! :P

Its funny, for how obsessed I am about changing my manicures every week, I'm the total opposite for my toes.

I usually only paint them when I'm going to a special event/party and will be wearing peep-toe heels. So unfortunately these babies will stay this way until they have practically all chipped off >_>;;;

Anyone else lazy like me? Or are you equally fastidious about mani's and pedi's? :P

Finally here’s a little artistic bonus! While I was trying to photograph the nail polish bottles I got this uber close up of the nail lacquer bottles. Looks like city lights ~

- wanyachu


  1. Eeeeeek! Toes! j/k

    Very sparkly; now you're ready for a par-tay!

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