Sunday, January 8, 2012

Nail Inc. - Donmar New Year Nails

Hi all ~ I finally got my hands on this Nail Inc. lacquer set – The Donmar Collection.
My sister actually gave this to me for Christmas and I decided to do my New Year Manicure with it!

So here is what I was sporting on my tips a week ago to ring in 2012 :P

Isn't it super PRETTY! *g* I'm so in love with the irregular cut, holographic sparkles in the top coat. They glimmer an orange/green depending on the light <3 just like an opal!!!

Here is the super spiffy packaging. So drool worthy right? Also, I think they captured the range of color that the sparkles give off better than any picture I took so I wanted to share.

The base coat, Chelsea, is described as a “plum black” but I think its more of a dark maroon even though you can't really tell from the pictures. Not that it makes a huge difference since the star of this set is really the Donmar top lacquer.

My favorite part about this look is that the glitter is a separate top coat instead of being mixed in with the color polish. This means un-ending holographic glitter possibilities >:3 fufufuu ~

I laid down two coats of Nail Inc.'s Chelsea, and then stamped with China Glaze – Magical, a muted pinkish gold metallic. I finished it off with the Donmar top coat and voila! Its like a party on my fingertips :P

I used a couple different Konad plates for this look. I started out with the bows and hearts from m59 on my thumbs, index, and ring fingers. Then I used the central design from m38 for my middle finger. Last but not least I finished up with some stars from m3 on my pinky nails. :D

Cheers with my champagne ~

Thanks for reading! And I hope you all are having a wonderful start to the new year!


  1. Yay! So sparkley! I really like the way the goldish-pink of the stamp looked on the Chelsea polish. Also the glitter holograms look almost like mica or pyrite. So pretty!

  2. Aw thanks everyone :D I'm loving this look as well ~ Glad you all can enjoy too!

  3. love the sparkles!!!!!

    1. Aw thank you so much! :D Sparkles are definitely my weakness!