Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pink Petit Four Mani w/ Tape Tutorial

Hi everyone! I'm sorry I missed my usually Monday post, but I have a really fun manicure to make up for it! :D

Inspired by some delicious treats and just in time for Valentine's Day I give you the Pink Petite Four scotch tape manicure! :D 

Okay so the right terminology might actually be Checker Cookies and not Petite Four...but Pink Checker Cookie Mani just doesn't sound as cute IMO. So I am sorry for misleading you! v_v;;; I mean there’s four squares...does that count for anything!?

Either way, don't they look delicious? ^_^ I'm super pleased with how this turned out, even if it was way more work than I had originally anticipated.

So I started off with two coats of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri: Pink Blink and let dry completely! This is super important, otherwise when you go to put down the scotch tape it will smudge your base coat. I think I waited around 3 - 5 minutes just to be safe.

I then tore off small sections of tape and cut those in half. This left me with good sized strips to block off the first square on my nails. I then went through taping & painting this first square onto each of my fingertips. Remember to press firmly along the tape edges so you get a crisp line.

For the chocolate color I used OPI for Sephora – Studs & Stilettos, pictured above, in relatively thin, fast coats. You don't want to use too much polish while blocking off, or else things will get messy when you try to pull up the tape.

I also found it helpful to peel the tape off right after you lay down the polish instead of waiting for it to dry completely. This not only gave a cleaner line but also some time to swipe up any polish that leaked under the tape with a q-tip dabbed in acetone.

Once the first round of quartering was finished on both hands I went back in to add the second square. By now the first finger I had painted was dry enough for me to restart the process again. Just be careful to line up your tape with the edges of the first chocolate square you painted.

I ended up adding some faux pearls and crystals in the center and Voila you're done! ^_^

Hope you enjoyed this sweet manicure and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below :D




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    1. Aw thank you!!! :D When will we hang out again!?!?

  2. Beautiful. I love the pink polish.


    1. Thank you so much ^///^ I'm glad you enjoyed!

      PS. I Love you blog layout! So cute!!!

  3. I love this!!! Such a pretty manicure!

    1. Yay! Thanks I thought it was a cute idea for upcoming Love Love Day! Although, I think they would actually look better on shorter nails :P