Monday, February 20, 2012

Galaxy Pearls Half Moon Mani w/ Zoya!

Happy Manicure Monday again! Hope you all had a great weekend and for those of us lucky enough to still be in school, Huzzah that it is still continuing! :P Thank you presidents!

Since my past few posts have been very Pink oriented, thanks to Valentine's Day, I've decided to go in a totally opposite direction with a purplish gray for today's look. *ta dah*

I've actually been planing to do this look for a while, but never found the right color for it until now :P My sister picked up this lovely, cool toned Zoya gray recently from Ulta and I knew I just had to play with it. <3

This was my first time using a Zoya polish and I am in LOVE! It was soooo smooth going on and opaque enough for just one coat even though the lacquer itself is not thick and gooey. I'm wondering if all of their nail polishes are like this and can't wait to get my hands on more >:3

I topped it off with some Nail Inc. - Donmar collection and am totally digging this look. I mean just look at those flecks reflecting onto my palm *g* so much sparkly love going on I might go blind!!!

And here is my Nail Polish List:

Pretty simple compared to some of my other looks recently. I painted one coat of Zoya – Kelly, for the gray base about 2/3rds the way down my nail. Then I went in with a q-tip and some acetone to get the curved half moon look. I layered on Nail Inc.'s Donmar top coat for some fiery opal flecks and used my dotting tool to trim the bottom of the curve with white dots in OPI for Sephora, A-ha! Moment.

Overall, I think it's a really classy look. The dots remind me of a mini strand of pearls and the sparkles on the darker background are like a galaxy full of stars! *___* Fufufuuu so cheesy but now you know where I got the blog title from.

Had lots of good photos IMO this time so here are a few extra. Hope you all enjoy. And let me know if you have any questions or comments <3



  1. This is really cute!! Such a fun take on a half moon mani!

    1. Woohoo~ Thank you so much! I wanted to mix it up a little, so glad you enjoyed it! :D