Monday, April 2, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix - Pull Me Close

Happy Manicure Monday to you all out there! 
Today I have a somewhat long awaited polish post, at least on my part, to share with you. 
It is China Glaze's Magnetix Polish in their silvery blue - Pull Me Close.

I remember being super excited when Nail Inc. announced their first Magnetic Polish last year! I managed to get a hold of their purple and have swatches here of  "Houses of Parliament". So when I found out China Glaze was also creating a similar polish set up, but with three types of magnetic patterns, I was ecstatic!

Also, I feel China Glaze was really smart about selling their magnet separately. Instead of including the magnet on the cap like Nail Inc. CG sells the three patterns on one magnetic plate by itself for $10. And then the polishes themselves cost an additional $10 a piece. Way my cost effective IMO. 

Aside from packaging though, I don't feel like any one formula was better than the other. Both Nail Inc. and China Glaze magnetic lacquers were very quick and easy to apply and lasted a good week once top coated.

Also, the red plate that these patterns are embedded in is really well designed, with the handy raised lip to help you align your nail just like Nail Inc.       


You get three different patterns, a Starburst, Chevron, and Diagonal Stripes on the plastic plate. And while I thought the Stripes produced a really crisp design I was somewhat disappointed with the other two. 

I noticed that when you first pull the magnet away from your nail the pattern it produces in the lacquer is very crisp. However, once you wait for it to dry a bit the lacquer spreads out and the design becomes blurry.  This is especially pronounced in the Starburst pattern. And while the images I have chosen below  are probably the best "before and after", many of my star nails ended up drying as blobs instead of stars. 

Before                                                    After

The Chevron pattern was also somewhat of a let down to me as it did not produce a clean angle as I expected. Instead you get a kind of wavy bump in the middle. I suppose this might be due to the the close proximity of the two converging lines that create the shape, but I am no magnet expert. :P 

So even though I was so excited about getting 3 patterns I only thought the stripes looked good enough to wear together. When I tried mixing and matching the others it just ended up looking too hodge podge. So I stuck with clean and simple. 

I suppose there might be some blurring with the stripes as well, but I think it is less noticeable because of the simplicity of the pattern. And in retrospect it was probably the same way with the Nail Inc. wavy pattern. I just didn't take time to notice in my Science Nails Excitement.

Have any of your got your hands on the Magnetic Nail Polishes? And if so what did you think of them? Either way I find them fun to play with and it really does create a unique and fun airbrush look you'd be hard press to get any other way. 



  1. omg...this is genius!! D: I want thisss nowwww!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I have recently started using the magnetic polishes, and I love them! what fun! I am totally going out and getting some of this. Fun stuff!!
    I mentioned your blog on mine! :-)