Monday, November 21, 2011

Magnetic Nail Polish – Nail Inc. Houses of Parliament

Magnetic Nail polish GET!!!

I was so excited when I first heard about these new magnetic nail polishes and now one is finally mine! *mwahahahhaaa*

See how victorious that picture looks? My prize held high and juxtaposed against the dramatic sky ~

This is what the final product looks like. Pretty awesome right? ^_^ It has this smooth airbrushed look to it and seems way more professional than it really is :P

This nifty, new lacquer invention contains little magnetic particles mixed into the polish. When you hold the cap (which has a built in magnet) over your wet nail polish the particles are drawn together and form whatever pattern is printed into the cap.

Kinda confused? Its okay! Because I took lots of pictures! :D
The top has a special magnet embedded into it along with a little plastic ridge which makes it easier to align your nail with the magnet.

On the side of the cap is a picture of the design this specific magnet will produce. I also tried holding the magnet next to the nail polish bottle and it is strong enough to produce the pattern through the glass! :O So there is a close up of the design included too!

As for color, the stuff in the bottle is a medium range of what you will get after the magnet magic. As you can see here, there are some little flecks of pink and silver mixed in which becomes super defined after the nail polish settles into the design.

Since purple is my favorite color Houses of Parliament was the obvious color pick for me. But the Silvery-chrome of Traflagar Square and luscious lagoon of Whitehall Teal where both pretty hard to pass up. However, at $16 a pop from Sephora I had to resist :<

I know LCN also has their own line of magnetic lacquers which includes: 8 Colors and 2 different pattern designs ( I want the starburst one so bad!!! ). These run about $10 per bottle and $20 per magnet on their site so I think overall its a comparable price.

Have any of you tried these fun polishes out yet? I'd love to know how the LCN ones look and even the other Nail Inc colors. ^_^

PS. Heres a little bonus of my pup trying to help out with the photoshoot :P


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