Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Mutt and Meow Manicure

I have kinda been in a manicure rut lately but, after doing the nail party post I was feeling pretty inspired by my friend's panda nail pictures. So I thought, why not give cute animals a shot too.

Also, since we had our holiday meeting at work coming up and I wanted to get into the spirit of things I thought what better way than to use our very own store mascots! A Haute Dog and Cool Cat duo.

Store mascots


I think my doggie doesn't look too bad, but the kitty was really difficult for me to get exactly. >_<

I won't lie, since this was all hand painted by yours truly this manicure took me the better part of two pain staking hours of fume inhalation until I deemed it perfect. And really that judgment is mostly reserved for my left hand since I am not incredibly ambidextrous.

Left hand glory *g*

Right hand meh. >_>;;;

I did alternating colors on each hand; starting with the cute doggy on my left thumb and then the kitty on my right. Followed up with the classic paw prints in the corresponding colors and then finished with some polka dot fun on the pinky nails.

And here is my polish list. If I had planned this out better I would've looked for the corresponding colors but it was kinda a last minute decision so I ended up using what I had on hand.

Sinful colors – Mint Apple: Previously featured at this post here.

OPI for Sephora – A-Ha! Moment: My go to white nail polish for frenchies

OPI for Sephora – Never Enough Shoes: A gorgeous black with the tiniest hint of sparkle flecks to it.

Essie – Tart Deco: A lovely coral color. I can't tell you how long I spent looking for the perfect coral nail polish but when I found it, this was it!

Thanks for reading.


  1. You have too much patience. And the dog's really cute!

  2. @Michelle Huynh Aw thanks! Its actually cause my boss always loves my nails and requested I tried doing this one a while back. Even got shared in our weekly newsletter! *special feeling* ^___^

  3. omggg so cute! :) I should try this out sometime and do it for work! maybe the customers will appreciate it heehee!

  4. So cute! The colors photograph really well too. I vote for Ginger-inspired nails next!

  5. This is adorable! I love it.