Monday, April 9, 2012

Strawberry & Flowers Spring Mani

Happy Manicure Monday!
I hope you all had a fun filled Easter weekend. Even if you aren't celebrating for religious reasons, I'm sure there were lots of chocolate and candies to be had by all. :3 

In light of the lovely weather we have been having lately, 
I wanted to do a fun and fresh Spring look.

And what else says Spring more then some sweet, succulent Strawberreis!?    
Somehow...everything in my life is often associated with foods >_>;;;

So here is my take on the Strawberry Mani.

I know Strawberry Mani is not anything new or groundbreaking, so to jazz it up a bit I decided to throw in some of their cute, little white flowers into the mix. I did the flower with a dotting tool, and then added in some vines with a toothpick to finish off the look. 

I also made a quick little Photo Step - by - Step on how I did my Strawberries.

Lately, I'm really into using shipping labels as my nail art guides. I find them easier to cut into when you are various shapes (like the scalloped edge here) and I love that it isn't sticky until you peel off the back. 

I always have issues with the tape strips sticking everywhere but my nail. So the shipping label was a nice solution. Also I find these labels to be stickier than the normal hole punch protectors.

I cut this edge with some craft scissors, but I'm thinking you might be able to get some interesting shapes with a die cut punch! Can't wait to try! :P 

Here are my nails after Strawberry-ing them all up! I had originally done both hands as the fruit only, but decided that it wasn't exciting enough ^^; 

Lacquer List
Sephora by OPI - Personal Shopper as the red base
China Glaze - Entourage as leaves, vines, and flower centers 
Sephora by OPI - A-ha! Moment as flowers 

Pretty simple, but I think its nice and fresh for spring!. 

So I hope you guys enjoy this look! I think I might try a whole fruit series soon. Just trying to make a list of what other fruits would be Nail-able. If you have any suggestions lemme know in the comments too! 



  1. definitely more exciting with the flowers!

  2. This is SO ADORABLE! it makes me smile. :-) you do such a lovely job with your nails! You inspire me.