Thursday, March 15, 2012

Clovers and Stripes St. Patty's Day Nails

Hello lovelies!!! 
I have a quick little manicure for you today. I know I usually post Mondays but, ever since my doggie emergency my Nail schedule has been thrown off. >_< So I hope you'll bear with my as I work my way back on track!!! 


I saw Pauline's flower nails over at omgnoodles and fell in love with the blossoms! (And her too! Her nail art is too awesome for words! This lady is crazy talent <3 ) SoI though I might give it a try but wanted to do them as shamrocks instead....unfortunately it was kinda fail T_T 

They still look like flowers to me...I should've added stems or something but I'm pretty sure that is beyond my skill level. 

The base is Sally Hansen Xtreme wear in Mint Sorbet. I am in LOVE with this lovely pastel shade of green and just had to have it when I saw it at the store. :3 I had been looking for a fresh minty color for quiet a while but I find that many of them are either too green or too blue for my taste. However, this polish definitely found the happy medium and brought my minty hunt to a happy conclusion. 

 I used my dotting tool and some scotch tape to make the "clovers," dots and stripes with OPI for Sephora in A-ha! Moment. Then finished up with some top coat loving. 

Looking closely at it now I wish I had just made them flowers instead :P Then I could've covered up the middles with some cute crystal or polish.

Lots of people thing they are more Easter-y and I can totally see why. They really do look like Easter Eggs especially with the pastel color, dots and stripes. >_>;;; So I guess I already have a plan for that week's nails! 

Hope you all enjoy and have a deliciously filled St. Patricks day ^___^ Honestly isn't this Holiday mostly about the good food and drinking? Whats not to enjoy!? 



  1. I love this mani! It makes me feel so spring-y and fresh (the complete opposite of dry). The clovers look so cute too :D

    1. Aw that you! Even though the Clovers don't really look it but...I guess I can do these again as flowers. You'll have to let me use you as a guinea rat to test it out on :P