Monday, October 10, 2011

Blue Away Paws and Polka Dots

So its been a while since my last NOTD >_<; lately its been class, work, class, work and I just got a little overwhelmed but, I finally have a day off and here I am with some fun tips for ya'll.

I did blue with white paws and polka dots semi-inspired by bubzbeaty's panda nails tutorial that my bestie showed me a few weeks before. Those paws were just too cute to pass up!!!

I lacquered up my nails with two coats of China glaze – Aqua Baby, which is such a fun Mediterranean waters blue. And finished up with dots and paws in OPI for Sephora – A-Ha! Moment, a great white opaque enough for french manicures in one coat.

I wish I had taken more pictures of my nails but somehow this week went by and these were the only decent shot I got. So instead I'll finish off with a little tip the same bestie above taught me for clean manicures.

- When I want my frenchies to look more polished I don't trust my shaky hands to do the tips. Instead I paint on the polish and go back in with an acetone soaked q-tip till I get the neat curve I want.

-This usually works best before the nail polish dries too much. Two thin coats and about three minutes dry time usually does the trick.

-Finish up with a shiny top coat and any raised edges from erasing will melt away.

I used this trick to do the french on my thumb and the half moon on my ring finger and hope it helps you all too. :D


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