Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cocoa Metallic Konad Lattice

Hello again lovelies I'm now back from my adventuring in San Fran and here again with a new manicure for you all!!!

Since its starting to get rather chilly in the mornings now I wanted to do a color that had some warmth to it; so even if my fingertips feel freezing cold they can at least look nice and cozy! :P

I ended up choosing this rich medium brown by OPI – You don't know Jacques and stamping over it with China Glaze – Poetic and Konad plate m57.

I actually love You don't know Jacques lacquer by itself. It is such a rich, sultry brown that reminds me of an inviting cup of hot cocoa while simultaneously exuding this edgy sophistication when you wear it. This color totally speaks to me in a “I'm cool enough to wear nail polish but, too cool for all those gaudy colors” sort of way.

See!!! Isn't this gorgeous with out trying too hard?

But, alas, subtlety was never really my cup of tea and I have been dying to try this color combi out since I picked up China Glaze's I cracked >_<;;; I just couldn't leave well enough alone and after two days I whipped out my plates to start stamping. ^^;

And voila here is the final result. I used the lattice pattern on m57 to stamp half way down my tips and covered up the cut off with Konad's french plate m19.

For some reason I really felt compelled to take lots of pictures of this manicure so enjoy the extra eyecandy.

Overall I like the color combination; its a nice monochromatic pairing but I'll admit maybe the stamping was a little too much. ^^; Anywho! If you guys have any questions please leave a comment :D And hope ya'll likies!

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  1. Oooh! I really love this color combo. I don't think the stamping is too much at all! The base color looks so growned up.