Friday, October 21, 2011

Disco Konad Animal Print

So I'm road tripping up with the girls this weekend for some San Fran Anime Boys loving and these are the nails that are going with me! Decided I wanted to do a colorful look with a bold pattern for the festivities ahead.

I did my base coat in InstaDri – Whirlwind White and then stamped the leopard pattern from Konad plate M57 with Sally Hansen Xtream Wear Collection – Blue it, Deep Purple, and Posh Plum.

Here is my base coat...I don't really get the trend of white nails since it always reminds me of white out >_<. But thats okay cuz I will soon cover it up with pretty colors! Voila!

See, there! Much better :D Fit for some wild partying now ~

Or so I thought.... after a few days the chipping monster reared its ugly head and I ended up mixing it up a bit to try to hide the worst of it with Frenchies :D So hope you enjoy the eye candy. I'm off to a gluttonous weekend, one hopefully filled with pretty boys!



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