Monday, September 19, 2011

Magical Girl Interlude!

Neptune Power Make Up!!!
Sinful Color Professional - Mint Apple
The color totally reminds me of Sailor Neptune! ^_^ More pictures and review here!

Of course no magical girl would be complete with out a trusty companion!
So co-staring the magical girl, calico kitty Star!

Shes actually my BF's cat. I sneakily let her nap on his bed while he was away >3 Hohoho ~ Kitty Fuzz Attack leaves deadly White kitty hair everywhere!!!

Finally no super heroine is complete without an evil nemesis!

Chipping Nail Polish! :<

No worries folks. This is not my nail which has been removed during a gruesome interrogation session. It is actually 6 coats worth of Nicole...Spotted, which I had so persistently applied while trying to color match the bottle in the previous post.

It just peeled right off two days later in the shower >_> So moral of the story is more polish does not equal longer wear. In fact it just makes you feel like some kind of gross, peeling swamp thing with your nails falling off T_T;;;

I actulally might try Mint Apple under Nicole....Spotted! I think the colors are close enough to get me the effect I wanted :D So hopefully I can share again with you soon! ^_^

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  1. "Neptune Power Make Up!!!"
    Made me smile))))))))))