Thursday, May 24, 2012

Spring Debut FIDM Fashion Show

Hi All! So I have something a little different today for you. Its Fashion Show Pictures!!!

Lately, I have been SOOOOOOOO Busy ~_~;;; That I have been wearing
the same Mani for over a week now! *shamed* Not only that, but they are all chipped and ugly! 
I'm so busy I haven't even had time to take them off much less do a new one *sob*  T_T

But to keep you guys from thinking I have forsaken you forever, I thought I would share with you some fun Fashion Show Photos I took at FIDM Annual Debut Show.

*WARNING: Super Photo Heavy* 

*stage is set for Excitement*

They started out with Costume Design a la Phantom of the Opera <3 

My favorite Set! The Lovely Lady in the middle is the Designer.

One of my Friend's Textile!!! Shes Famous now! :3 

Its hard to tell, but this dress was luminescent. Kinda like Jellyfish. So pretty and ethereal!

Very Lady Gaga-esque

I hope you all enjoyed. Lemme know if you actually like seeing these things. :D 



  1. Aw these are so cool! I wanna be a costume designer. Bout... o wait... I can't even sew my owned ripped clothes :(

  2. Woohoooo. Thanks for sharing! These are very beautiful!