Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Parrot Makeup

Happy November all! I know my blogging has been kinda irregular *sorry* but if you're reading this chances are we're FB pals or G+ buddies so you get all the updates anyways :P

Anyways, I feel super bad because my nails for Halloween were actually not that spooktacular...*flop* I was so busy trying to figure out what I was going to be that doing a fun set of nails for the frightful night didn't even make it on to the checklist :< (Its also kinda midterms time too *le sigh* )

So instead I decided to post pictures of my make up! :D That's something polished people pursue right? Just not so literally :P


And before you ask why a parrot of all things, its actually because my boyfriend already had a pirate costume. And as I pondered the fun possibilities of being a swashbuckling pirateer, bar wench, mermaid, etc. I was totally strapped for time >_<;; That is when genius classmate steps in and her first suggestion was parrot, which I fell in love with.

So I took a five dollar dress from swapmeet, a couple of froofy boas, a pack of craft feathers from Joann's and there you have a last minute costume for under 25 bucks. But by itself its really not that exciting so enter the magic of makeup to help jazz things up.

I bought these great eyelashes from Inglot for a steal at $11. They're super well made and really light weight. I felt like they were more comfortable than some of the regular “natural” looking lashes I have.

Polished it off with some gold, blue and red eye shadow and done! I'm no make up guru but hope you enjoyed. Next year I think I might really tackle the mermaid DIY. Anyone else already know what they want to be already? :P

Also heres a little extra of the pumpkins we carved, designed by yours truly :D